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Deep Fried Rolls

Fried Bagel Roll (6 pcs)
Salmon and cream cheese deep fried, served w. eel sauce
spicy US 27 Roll (8 pcs)
Deep fried roll with lobster salad, asparagus & krab, topped w. avocado, eel sauce and spicy mayo.
spicy Spicy Girl Roll (6 pcs)
Deep fried roll tuna, avocado, jalapeno, served w. eel sauce & sriracha.
spicy Dynamic Roll (6 pcs)
Deep fried roll with Salmon, asparagus, krab inside, served w. mayo and sriracha.
spicy Jimmy Smith Roll (8 pcs)
Deep fried roll with smoked salmon, cream cheese and krab, served with spicy mayo and eel sauce.
spicy Very Mexican Roll (8 pcs)
Salmon, cream cheese & jalapeno deep fried, topped with baked fish, krab and crunchy flakes.
spicy Casino Roll (6 pcs)
White tuna, avocado inside, topped with baked fish, krab, crunchy and eel sauce.